Cue the Memes: Bernie Sanders is Officially Running in 2020

Photo: Bill Clark / Contributor (Getty Images)

Within 24 hours of Bernie Sanders announcing his run for president in 2020, he outpaced the rest of the field in contributions and public support, earning a whopping 300 percent more than his closest competitor according to the latest straw poll. While media treatment of Sanders’ announcement has been different than last time (as in: he is getting some) many outlets seek to ridicule the man and his campaign.

We at Mandatory aren’t one to take sides, but it’s interesting to note that a man who wants healthcare and education for all, greater consideration of the environment, less corruption in government, and a more thriving middle class, is leading the pack of nominees as the country sets its sights on the White House. As Trump‘s palms begin to sweat and the plainspoken schoolyard bully emerges, we’re sure to see some glorious memes fall like ripe fruit from the presidential race-tree. In the meantime, here’s the latest reaction from the Bern-Brigade as news of Sanders’ plan to storm the White House spreads like wildfire across the land. Unleash the memes!

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