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5 Hangover-Inducing Drinks To Avoid When Day-Drinking

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When we think of having a few drinks, most of us think about an evening out with friends and co-workers. But, if you’ve ever been a football tailgate or a brunch that lasted longer than expected, you’ve definitely experienced the delight known as day drinking. (Notice how nobody ever says they’re “night drinking” because it’s socially acceptable to have a few beers, glasses of wine, or cocktails during an evening out on the town?)

If you’re drinking during the day, the odds are you’re in for a rough day, or at the very least, a mid-afternoon nap. surveyed day drinkers and found out a lot about what happens when you imbibe while the sun is still out.

They surveyed just over 1,000 drinkers about how often they day drink and what exactly transpired when they do. According to the survey, men are 12 percent more likely to drink during the day with 28 percent of men day drinking every few months and 39 percent of women throwing back a few while the sun is still out. Maybe it’s the rise of brunch culture, but 29 percent of men and 19 percent of women claim to day drink once per week.

Unsurprisingly, the beach and concerts were the hottest spots for binge drinking during the day; men who consume eight or more drinks at each of those venues. Women’s top places for day drinking are resorts and stadiums and they average around six drinks each.

If you’re going to booze it up during the day, you’re likely to overdo it. The biggest offender of potential hangovers? Wine. Seventy-seven percent of drinkers saying that wine leaves you feeling the worst. But wine isn’t the only culprit for nausea and headaches; vodka, champagne, beer, whiskey, tequila, and rum all contribute to those symptoms, too.

Day drinking is a marathon, not a sprint. Always make sure to stay hydrated and always have a designated driver. And try to avoid these five hangover offenders if you want to be lucid the morning after.

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