Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife Keeps Bringing Uninvited Women Into The Bedroom

Photo: Randy Holmes / Contributor (Getty)

Imagine you’re Jimmy Kimmel, peacefully asleep in your big, fancy home and then suddenly you’re awakened by someone like Dua Lipa in your bed. Not bad, right? Except that she’s there solely to disturb your sleep by performing an impromptu concert, complete with dancers, flashing lights and loud music.

This is Kimmel‘s struggle, and it’s all his wife’s fault for bringing uninvited women into the bedroom. The notorious Mrs. Kimmel has been pranking the late-night show host by bringing in famous singers to perform for him when he’s least expecting it — in the middle of the friggin’ night. It sounds like a fantasy, at least until you see the footage.

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First, it was Rihanna who pranked him, then Britney Spears, followed by Miley Cyrus. The latest effort has Dua Lipa sneaking into Kimmel’s bed, jumping around, and pretty much guaranteeing the need for a fourth cup of coffee when the sun rises.

“This just keeps happening to me,” Kimmel said, stumbling down the stairs half asleep in his plaid pajamas.

At least he was nice enough to offer them some flapjacks before kicking their butts out the door.