Thieves Steal Nearly $100K Worth Of Ramen In All-Time Noodle Heist

Photo: Vincent Besnault (Getty Images)

If you’re prepping for college life, you really only need three pieces of advice: show up to class, know your dorm pranks, and stock up on ramen.

Based on the fact you can fill up on ramen noodles for the better part of a week and spend less than the cost of a six-pack of Coors, it’s the perfect cuisine for the broke college student. And based on the fact that nearly a $100,000 worth of ramen just disappeared outside a Georgia gas station, we’re assuming there are some very hungry and broke bros down in the heart of Dixie.

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According to WTKR, a trailer full of $98,000 in ramen was stolen 30 miles south of Atlanta. We’re talking a 53-foot trailer, full of Japanese noodles, gone. Noodles for days? How about noodles for years!

Officials believe someone stole the trailer between the end of July and the start of August. Is the heat on this noodle snatcher? Well, it’s mostly ridiculous, but the deputies with the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office are looking for the culprit in connection with five vehicle break-ins, a stolen motorcycle and, now, a nabbed noodle trailer.

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At roughly 29 cents a pack, it’s plausible that these thieves made off with around 300,000 packs of noodles. Someone is either hungry, stoned and/or bored. At least it’s not as bad as a co-ed prostitution ring, right? Right.

Josh Helmuth is a sports reporter in St. Louis who contributes to Mandatory.