Meet Australia’s ‘Double Decker Death Wish,’ The World’s Hottest Burger

Photo: Burger Urge

Temperatures have been alarming cold in Australia this winter, which might be why Burger Urge, a Down Under restaurant, has been seeing a spike in customers.

The fast food chain has been doing their best to keep consumers toasty warm, thanks to their newest release, the Double Decker Death Wish hamburger.

Taking a page out of the always popular food challenges, Burger Urge has been offering free food and bragging rights to those who can handle the torch-like heat, but thus far, out of the 50 attempts, only four have ended without the patron in tears.

The Double Decker Death Wish burger gets its heat from sauce made with ghost chilies, which are among the hottest in the world. That’s just the start of the burn, however, as the DDDW also includes habanero peppers, actual ghost chilis, two Angus beef patties, maple bacon, cheese, pickles, jalapeños, tomato, and lettuce.

The heat from the Double Decker Death Wish is so intense, special preparations need to be made when cooking it, which includes wearing gloves and goggles. Those who have the gusto and the iron stomach needed to attempt the DDDW challenge, have to sign a waiver, just in case things go south.

Ghost chilis have a measured “heat” of more than 1 million Scoville units (for comparison, jalapeños have 5,000 units) and eating a single seed can not only cause severe burning in the mouth that lasts over 30 minutes, but can also damage the esophagus.

“It’s legitimately the hottest burger in Australia. Those ghost chilis are no joke,” Burger Urge managing director Sean Carthew told 9News.

Due to its immense popularity, Burger Urge says they only have enough stock to keep the DDDW on the menu for a few more weeks. So if you feel the need to burn, you better get a move on.