Fire Department Delivers Pizza For Driver Injured In Car Crash

Photo: Henrietta Fire District (Facebook)

It’s unknown if the dude who was on the receiving end of a firefighter-delivered pie returned the favor by leaving a fat tip for our heroes. Yet, if there was ever a time to put some money in their boot, this was it.

According to WSPA, members of the Henrietta Fire District were called to tend to the victims of a car crash on June 23rd. They didn’t know until they arriving, however, one of the injured drivers was a pizza delivery man. Not only that, but he was en route to a customer’s home. First and foremost, the firefighters treated the injured drivers. But when the pizza guy had to be loaded into an ambulance, they did him a solid and finished the delivery.

Even more surprising than a firefighter knocking on your door and finishing the pizza delivery guy’s job? You guessed it — only one of the 53 comments left on the Henrietta Fire District’s Facebook page was negative. Maybe this means we’ve turned a corner, America. While the majority gave the firefighters a cheers emoji or thumbs up, Zach Bu didn’t. He was none too thrilled with the HFD going the extra mile.

This isn’t the first time firefighters have had a little fun after (or during) an emergency: Kansas City Firefighters Troll Cops Trapped In An Elevator

“Pathetic waste of resources,” Bu commented alongside an angry emoji.

To be fair, it would appear as though nothing has made this guy happy since, well, ever. To Bu’s credit, he describes himself as an asshole in his introduction, which sounds extremely accurate.