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A hispanic house painter is standing on a roof in a dangerous position while using an electric power spray painter to paint the outside of a home in a residential neighborhood. He is painting the upper part the entry way. Taken with Canon 5D Mark IV.

Florida Couple Wakes Up To Workers Ripping Up The Wrong Roof

House painter in a dangerous position while painting house. Photo: Jodi Jacobson (Getty)

Considering the wide array of things lovers in Florida could wake up to — a naked dude covered in his own feces or thief passed out on theri couch come to mind — getting your roof mistakenly ripped apart really doesn’t seem that bad. But according to WFTX, one Florida couple who recently awoke to such a situation said the simple repairs the crew from NASTAR Roofing made aren’t good enough. Their landlord would be inclined to agree with them, too.

“I didn’t okay this, I didn’t ask for anyone to do the roof,” landlord Sarah Fritchey said of her Lehigh Acres property. “They just came on our property and began ripping the roof off.” Fritchey added that she is looking for more to be done to fix the situation than just the repairs to the section they ripped up.

Just how does something like this happen? Well, remember when you were 10 years old and learned how to read and write addresses? Yeah, the crew at NASTAR Roofing couldn’t do that correctly. Instead of inputing Leeland Heights Boulevard West into their GPS unit, they just entered the street name, which sent them to Leeland Heights Boulevard East.

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NASTAR Roofing’s owner said he is looking forward to righting the situation to everybody’s liking. By the looks of things, that would probably be the most exciting thing to ever happen to the home’s current tenants.


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