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‘Yanny’ VS. ‘Laurel’ Has Been Dethroned By ‘Brainstorm’ VS. ‘Green Needle’

Medicine icons. Syringe, eye, brain and ribbon. Photo: Blankstock (Getty)

Whatever your thoughts on the Yanny VS. Laurel debate, throw them out the window. They aren’t relevant anymore. There’s a new sheriff in town, and it’s more trippy and confusing then we could have possibly hoped. Albeit, the names “brainstorm” and “green needle” aren’t quite as catchy.

‘Brainstorm’ VS. ‘Green Needle’ Tops ‘Yanny’ VS. ‘Laurel’ Debate

We’re going to try something a little unorthodox here. Just listen to the clip below tweeted by George Aylett. From there, await further instructions. Don’t even read the caption yet if you can help it:

So, what word (or word combo) did you hear? Was it “brainstorm” or “green needle.” You’re not wrong either way, so don’t feel bad.

Now, try it again, only this time, think of the other word. After that, continue to switch off. More than likely, you’ll only hear what you want to hear — a.k.a. the word you are currently thinking when you are listening to the recording.

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Needless to say, people are freaking out yet again, but this time, there’s no real debate since no one can technically be incorrect.

It’s about time someone brought the internet back together after that big fight we had the other day. If you don’t agree it’s uniting us, there is always the “split the difference” frame of thought. That works, too:

Good luck getting back to work with all these brain teasers being dropped on a daily basis. At the very least, they’re all good, clean fun.