yanny vs laurel, internet debate
Woman putting hand to her ear

The Internet Is Having Another Crisis In The Debate Of ‘Yanny’ VS. ‘Laurel’

Woman putting hand to her ear. Photo: Image Source (Getty)

Internet debates can be a lot of fun, but more often than not, they’re pretty silly. In fact, most seem to boil down to whether or not you’re color blind.

Not today, though. Throw out your optical illusions. Say poo-poo to crazy mirror tricks of the eye. Instead, pick up your ears and tell us this: Is the computerized voice in this sound clip saying “Yanny” or “Laurel?”

Yanny VS Laurel: What Do You Hear In The Latest Internet Debate?

We’ve already had our fill of robots for one day, but this is just too intriguing to at least not give several listens. Sure, it could easily be a setup to distract us while a fellow mechanical being robs us blind, but with no risk comes no reward.

Then of course, there’s this classic argument: The Great Chipotle Debate: Is Chipotle Good Or Terrible?

Everyone is already forming their own loud, borderline angry opinions on the matter:

Of course, some fuddy-dud always has to come along and suck the fun out of it:

Eh, let’s just pretend that last video doesn’t exist. Where do you stand in this battle for the ages? …or you know, at least until next week when maybe the internet news isn’t so slow.