Latest Optical Illusion Making The Internet Rounds Is On Par With The Dress Color Debate

Photo: Twitter

Remember the whole white and gold vs. blue and black dress debacle from early 2015? Well, we finally have an heir to the controversy throne with this latest photo making the internet rounds, and it’s sure to short circuit some brains. At the very least, you’ll get in a number of pointless arguments over it.

Check out the pair of legs below that were posted on Twitter by @msbreeezyyy:

Oily or Creamy Legs Optical Illusion:

What exactly are you seeing here? Half the people who look at the picture above see an oily pair of gams. The other half — including myself — sees completely dry legs with white cream smeared on them. What’s happening here? How can such a seemingly straightforward photo be so complicated? There are no clear winners here as of yet, so sound off in the comments with your take.

h/t Jezebel

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