This Optical Illusion Is So Well Done You Won’t Be Able To Stop Looking

Photo: Instagram/Kevin Parry

Everyone loves a good optical illusion, as it allows people to come together and be freaked out and/or confused. It’s like that illusion featuring the girl with the massive arm. Or like that optical illusion that can be NSFW if you want it to be. But now we have to talk about an optical illusion done by Kevin Parry.

Parry is a stop-motion animator who is pretty damn talented. And he takes it to his Instagram, where he has over 155k followers, to share his latest tricks and illusions. And now a recent illusion of his features a mirror in the woods. And it has people going nutty.

Take a look at this awesome illusion thanks to Parry’s Instagram.

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You can just watch this on a loop over and over again.


Hell you might as well enjoy these awesome gems, too:

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h/t Someecards

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