Two Different Burger Emojis Have Started An Internet Debate Because Of Course

Photo: zeleno (Getty)

The world is falling apart left and right and there’s always a chance that nukes may end us all. But people aren’t worried about any of that at the moment, people are worried about one thing and one thing only: burger emojis.

Writer Thomas Baekdal recently took it to Twitter to share his realization of two cheeseburger emojis. One emoji, from iPhone, shows that Apple puts the cheese about the patty. But Google’s Android’s burger emoji has it below the patty. Take a look at the tweet below.

And this is seriously all it took for the internet to go nuts and start debating each other on what is the correct way to stack a burger. So let’s check out some of these responses below.

Hell, even Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai had to chime in:

So, how do you stack your burger?

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