Wisconsin Woman Attacks McDonald’s Employees After Receiving Unordered Biscuit

Biscuit, Sausage, egg & cheese. Breakfast sandwich cooking. Photo: Esdelval (Getty)

We’ve all gotten food we didn’t order or vice versa at a fast food joint like McDonald’s. It’s about as expected as the changing of the tides. With such a high volume of people going in and out, mistakes are bound to be made. When they happen, you can either accept them, complain, or attack several underage employees by throwing food at them and shoving them into cooking equipment.

If you were to take one guess what 19-year-old Wisconsinite Debreaka Dashay Jones chose based on being a rational human being, you might be shocked to learn it was the final option of the three. As quickly as one could utter, “What the f–k is this? I didn’t order no sausage biscuit,” Jones flew into a blind rage after a Glendale McDonald’s botched her drive-thru order.

unordered biscuit meltdown, Debreaka Dashay Jones

Photo: Glendale WI Police Department

The incident took place on Sunday, March 18 around 10 AM. Upon receiving her food and realizing it wasn’t what she ordered, Jones became so agitated that she chucked it at the 15-year-old employee working the window. While this should have been enough to send her ass packing, management still fixed the order before sending her on her way. Obviously, it still wasn’t enough, because soon after, she entered the restaurant complaining it was still incorrect. An offer to refund her money only made matters worse (somehow), as she then charged behind the counter and shoved a separate 17-year-old employee into a frying station. The teenager hit her head in the fall, which forced her to seek medical attention at a nearby hospital for the nausea and dizziness it caused.

Tack on the food taking awhile and you’ve got this nutcase: Woman Gets Tired Of Waiting For Food At Drive-Thru, Goes Bonkers

Thankfully, the sack of human excrement was caught on camera. She was charged with disorderly conduct and felony child abuse. Tack those onto a prior rap sheet including contributing to the delinquency of a minor, pot possession, driving without insurance, and driving with a suspended license and it starts to paint a pretty accurate picture to match the description.

Let that be a lesson to all you psychopaths with an appetite for fatty food: always take the refund and be on your unmerry way.