Louisiana Woman Comes Home To Find Naked Stranger Eating Cheetos In Her Tub

Photo: AbbieImages (Getty Images)

Some people spend their whole lives dreaming of the day when they come home to find a woman sitting buck naked in their tub eating a bag of delicious cheese-flavored crisps. In fact, a good number of free online movies I’ve seen started out that way.

Others would call something like that the worst day of their lives, and one of those people is a Louisiana woman who recently came home to find Evelyn Washington naked and hungry as shit.

According to KLFY, the 29-year-old Washington told both the perplexed homeowner and police that some dude she didn’t even know told her to break into the house, so that’s exactly what she did. It’s unknown if he also told her to strip naked, run a bath and chow down on some grub, but that’s exactly what the homeowner told police she saw when she walked into her house.

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Photo: Evelyn Washington

When a police officer arrived on the scene, he said he “found a full tub of water and a plate of food along with half eaten Cheetos belonging to the victim on the toilet next to the tub.” He took Washington into custody and slapped her with both burglary and property damage charges.