Florida Suspect Flees From Cops, Ends Up Stuck In Mud

Photo: Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

If you’re going to flee from cops it’s probably best that you make it look as cool as possible. You know, hop over fences and slide across the hood of cars. What you shouldn’t do? End up stuck in a swamp. Well, that’s exactly what happened to suspect Paul Andrew Smith.

According to UPI, Smith attempted to flee from cops when he was pulled over for speeding on U.S. Route 41 in Florida. Smith even hit a police car during his getaway. So what did Smith do? He continued his getaway on foot. And boy, that was quite the mistake.

Smith somehow tried to cut a path through a swampy area and instead ended up stuck in a swamp as thick mud reached all the way up to his neck. The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office of course shared the hilarious footage on their Facebook. Have a look!

The footage was recorded by a K-9 handler’s body camera. The dog, named Knox, can clearly be seen licking Smith’s face as Smith is clearly in distress. So even though he attempted to get away from cops, Knox still ended up doing what all dogs do. And that’s why they will always be better than you and I.

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Smith was eventually arrested and charged with fleeing to elude aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and violation of probation.