Dude On ATV Flees From Cops But Ends Up Looking Like An Idiot

Photo: Berezko (Getty)

If you’re going to attempt to flee from cops on an ATV, just make sure you know how to handle one. Don’t be like the guy in the video who clearly had no idea what he was doing once his ATV hit dirt.

A California police department recently shared an officer’s dash cam footage of suspect, Juan Mendoza, on an ATV attempting a getaway. Officer Abraham’s dash cam shows Mendoza fleeing after police tried to stop him for him not wearing proper safety gear.

And well, things didn’t end well for Mendoza. Have a look at the video below.

Here’s what the Madera Police Department had to say about this:

“As you can see, Mendoza did not reach the outcome he was looking for and luckily only his pride was hurt. Traffic laws apply to all motor vehicles on roadways. We understand that off-road vehicles can be fun to operate, but please do this in the appropriate areas and use safety gear.”

Something tells me Mendoza will be retiring his ATV and opt for taking the bus next time.

h/t UPI

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