Tumbleweeds Are Completely Drowning This Town in California

Photo: Mint Images – Paul Edmondson (Getty Images)

I’ve heard of rats taking over a town. I’ve heard of stray cats taking over a cat. Hell, I’ve even heard of ultra-conservative old people taking over a town. But this is the first time I’m hearing about tumbleweeds taking over a town. But that’s exactly what is happening in Victorville, a town in Southern California.

According to the NY Post, residents of Victorville actually had to reach out to the city for help after tons of tumbleweeds took over their town. Essentially drowning them in dry plants. Hell, as many as 150 homes were affected by these tumbleweeds running wild like Hulkamania himself.

Have a look at the video below:

But not to worry, because the city and San Bernardino County Fire Department  took time out of their day to head out to Victorville to rake up the weeds and load them into trash trucks. So kind of an anticlimactic ending to a bizarre start. But hey, it could have been worse. Those residents could have been involved in the plot to Killer Tumbleweeds:

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