Here’s A Giant Hog Wandering An Alabama Neighborhood

Photo: Neil_Burton (Getty)

Nothing interesting or positive ever occurs in Alabama, but there is a giant hog hanging around a neighborhood. Well, at least there was when Angela Price spotted it and decided to get it on camera.

Here’s how Price described the incident:

“I was leaving from visiting my parents house on Thursday Oct. 26th around 5:30 pm when I got to the stop sign I spotted something across the street. I was shocked and scared to see a humongous hog walking around in the neighborhood. I’m not sure if animal control was called or if it belonged to someone. According to the local newspaper, the owner was found and the hog was still missing.”

“Shocked and scared” because this hog looks like it can devour an entire village. Just take a look at the video below.

“I was in Fontaine Park in Phenix City. I’m not sure if anyone called Animal Control,” Price told WTVM-TV. “I just had to turn back around and take some pics. There were a couple cars slowing down looking as they were leaving Fontaine Park.”

Price also shared some photos on her Facebook, too:

No word yet if this fatty ever made it back to its owner.

h/t UPI

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