Drunk Wedding Guest Jumps Into Pool Of Crocodiles And Gets Arm Ripped Off

Photo: Raúl Barrero photography (Getty Images)

Suddenly, getting hammered and hitting on the bride doesn’t seem so bad after all.

According to Mirror, a 21-year-old man at a wedding in South Africa thought it would be a good idea to jump in a pool of crocodiles. Since we’re writing a story about it, it obviously was not.

Witnesses said Collin Miller ran into the kitchen at the Victoria Falls River Brewing Company, jumped out of a window, climbed over a fence, took off his shirt and then jumped into the pool of crocs. All three crocodiles in the pool beelined it for Miller, and the only reason he was able to escape with his life is because the beasts decided to fight over the arm that one of them ripped off of his body.

It could have been much worse for Miller, as onlookers said there was a point where one of the crocs had Miller’s head in its mouth and was shaking him like he was all hopped up on Mountain Dew, Chip. Luckily for Miller, two people pulled him to safety after the crocs started fighting over his arm. He reportedly “lost his left arm and sustained fractured ribs and injuries to his head and was stabilized and immediately airlifted to South Africa.”

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The wedding still went on without him because true love can’t wait, am I right?