Farmer Dies After Pig Bites Off His Penis And His Fingers

Photo: narvikk (Getty)

What in the hell?

A 60-year-old farmer named Miguel Anaya Pablo apparently pissed off his pig so much that the pig decided to bite him. Oh, and those bites eventually led to Pablo’s death.

Farmer Dies After Pig Bites Off His Penis And His Fingers


It all kicked off for Pablo after a night out drinking in San Lucas Ojitlan in south-western Mexico’s state of Oaxaca. It seems Pablo decided to provoke his pig after returning home, as he jumped on it and knocked him over. Well, the pig was having none of that because he fought back.

This pig, and listen to this, attacked Pablo, bit off his penis and bit off three fingers off of his right hand. Wow. Pablo was rushed to a nearby hospital and treated for the wounds. Unfortunately the doctors could not control the bacterial infections caused by the pig’s bites and Pablo died soon after.

An autopsy has now been ordered to find out more about the exact circumstances of his death. Can you even imagine going out that way? That pig had no mercy, folks. No mercy at all.

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