Teen Steals Church Bus, Leads Police On Crazy Chase

Photo: kali9 (Getty Images)

Someone needs to remind this kid that life is not like Grand Theft Auto. As awesome as that would be.

According to ABC 13, a 15-year-old teen decided that would be quite the story to tell all the girls at the next party he attends if he were to steal a church bus from Ray’s Auto Repair. And the chase was on. This chase even appeared on the popular A&E show Live PD.

While the teen struggled to get out of the repair’s shop parking lot, he eventually flees from the lot. The entire chase was caught on dashcam video. Have a look!

Eventually, Fort Bend County deputies had to use spike strips in order to stop the vehicle. And even after that entire chase that kid has lucked out: he won’t be getting charged with theft.

Jose Artega, the pastor at Iglesia Cristiana Evangelicas, the church that owned the bus, decided not to press charges, saying this:

“We’re not going to press charges, because we don’t believe in that. I hope he concentrates on what he’s going to do with his life. What he wants for his life.”

Well pastor Artega, I think he will be concentrating on a life of stealing numerous buses and taking them for joy rides. At the moment the bus is stuck at a tow yard with over $4,000 in fees, which Artega says he doesn’t believe he will be able to afford. So, it looks like all those churchgoers are going to have to take an Uber from now on. But since they’d rather not take a ride in a place that resembles hell, the better choice will probably Lyft.