Bizarre Display Of Random Dolls At Park Is Freaking North Carolina Residents Out

Photo: Cara Walton (Getty Images)

Dolls will never not be scary. I’ve seen enough TV shows and movies to know that more often than not they will eventually be possessed by an evil spirit and attempt to murder you. Trust me. And this is why a strange display at a North Carolina park has not only freaked people out, but baffled them as well.

According to WLOS, the display, which features more than 36 dolls and other toys, currently resides in a field at Jake Rusher Park. The dolls were arranged in a semi-circle around a toy musician playing a saxophone. And trust me, this is no Sergio.

“Do these dollies come alive at night and play on the playground that we’re playing on right now?” said Ethan, a child who was celebrating his birthday at the park.

While police were actually called out to the spot of the dolls, they say that they found no criminal intent, but did put out two candles.

Here are some of our theories:

  1. It’s a prank.
  2. It’s a satanic ritual
  3. Dolls are finally taking over.
  4. Toys “R” Us is attempting a bizarre comeback.
  5. Ghost kids play with them after sundown.

Those are our theories. What are yours?