This Creepy Doll In A Mexican Cemetery Will Freak You Out

Screengrab: YouTube

The usual wish for the dead is that they rest in peace, but that’s going to be pretty hard to do for any poor soul who’s buried in the cemetery featuring what has been dubbed the “Doll of the Devil.”

What does it take to get that nickname? Oh, just being a vampire puppet or doll sitting on an unmarked grave with eyes that will follow every visitor around no matter what direction they move in. Well, that and a bottle of blood sitting next to it.

If you’re up for it, here’s a video of it or him in action.

Just one more good reason for cremation if you ask me.

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The “Doll of the Devil” rests upon an unmarked grave in an unknown cemetery in Mexico, and to tell you the truth, I don’t want to know this thing’s exact location. It just seems like if you know its exact location, that’s something that will ensure it murders you in your sleep.

All we know is that the video was recorded by a woman in Brazil and then went viral after Mexican media picked it up. It’s unknown if that woman has gone into hiding or still has a pulse, but if you know her, your best bet might be to refrain from inviting her to your house for the next ten years or so.