Idiot Tries To Break Into Cafe With Hammer And Completely Fails

Screengrab: Facebook

There are cameras everywhere these days, so if you’re going to be dumb enough to commit a crime, just make sure that you don’t look like a complete moron doing it because chances are you will be filmed. And one thief was filmed during a failed break-in in Australia.

According to Victoria Police, a thief with a black hood over his head attempted to break into the Burnside Heights cafe using a hammer to break down the glass. The only problem? He couldn’t muster up enough strength to actually make a big enough hole in the front entrance to get inside the establishment.

The video below shows the thief and his getaway driver drive up in a stolen Nissan Maxima sedan. And this is what happens next:

So not only does this guy fail to get into the cafe, but he almost failed to get into the car. If this isn’t a sign to stop doing crime, I don’t know what is.

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According to UPI, police are also saying that the pair in the video are believed to have been involved in a home invasion and robbery the day before the cafe break-in attempt. Sooner or later they will catch these guys, especially if they continue to fail.