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Utah Woman’s Hobby Includes Continuing To Hire Hit Men To Kill Off Enemies

Photo: aruba200 (Getty)

Everyone has an enemy — you can swear that you don’t, but chances are you do. But here’s the thing: something tells me you wouldn’t go off and have your enemy kill. First off, it takes a lot of planning and work and most of us are lazy. But not for Linda Tracy Gillman. Gillman is all about going above and beyond to kill off everyone she hates.

According to Newser, the 70-year-old woman was convicted last week of felony criminal solicitation for trying to have her ex-husband and his new wife murdered, but there’s more to this story, of course.

Photo: Unified Police Department of Greater Salt Lake


Gillman was first arrested in December 2016 and accused of giving her condo’s handyman, Christian Olsen, $5,000—with the promise of $100,000 more—to find someone to off her ex and his wife so Gillman could collect on his life insurance. Olsen went to the cops instead, but while in jail awaiting trial, Gillman allegedly approached an inmate in early 2017, called herself “the bank,” and asked if the inmate could have Olsen killed (those obstruction of justice charges against Gillman were dismissed due to witness issues).

The third set of charges was announced Friday, the same day she was found guilty in the case involving her ex. Gillman now is accused of approaching yet another inmate just a few weeks ago, allegedly trying once more to have Olsen killed, as well as an attorney who’d won a civil action against her. The Salt Lake Tribune lays out more details, including Gillman’s defense that she was an elderly woman taken advantage of by Olsen, and that her ex had tried to poison her food and toothpaste, which apparently didn’t sway the jury.

So yeah, Gillman just had two more counts of criminal solicitation and two more counts of obstruction of justice thrown at her. She’s looking at five years to life behind bars. But let’s be honest: Gillman won’t stop — she’s ready to kill anyone who crosses her. Hell, my grandma struggles to remember whether she just told me a piece of information or not, and this lady is busy being a crime granny.

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