California Woman Accused Of Murder Posts Insane $35 Million Bail

Let’s cut right to the chase: A 31-year-old woman named Tiffany Li is accused of killing the father of her two children. But Li won’t be behind bars waiting for her court date, as she has somehow posted an $35 million bail. And how the hell did she do that? Well, her rich friends, family and business associates with ties to China helped her out of course.

After Li’s ex-husband, 27-year-old Keith Green’s body was found about 80 miles from where he was supposed to meet up with Li, Li was arrested and charged with murder, as police believe Li directed her boyfriend and another man to kill Green and then to dispose of his body. Prosecutors believe Li did this because she was afraid of losing custody of her two kids.

Just a few days later, Li was busted in the mansion she shared with her kids, and has now pleaded not guilty. But she’s not in jail anymore, thanks to a bunch of rich pals.

tiffani li

Backed by bunch of people with ties to Li’s mother, they raised $4 million in cash, and then went ahead and pledged $61 million in San Francisco Bay Area property, because California courts require twice the bail amount if property is used instead of cash.

“If convicted she faces the rest of her life in prison,” San Mateo District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said. “That’s plenty enough incentive to flee back to her native China.” So obviously people aren’t happy about her release.

According to Li’s attorney, Geoff Carr, people who posted Li’s bail believe she is innocent and will not flee. Ha, good one. “She has no prior criminal history, she’s a graduate of USF, she has a master’s degree in finance, has never been in trouble about anything,” Carr adds. Hey buddy, people with degrees kill people, too. Shocker.

Li will now be required to turn over her passports, wear an electronic monitor and remain under house arrest while waiting for her court date.

As for the other two guys involved in Green’s murder? Yeah, they are still behind bars without bail.

Oh, and here’s a nice fun fact: The $35 million bail is the highest ever in San Mateo County’s history, according to county official said.

Via CBS News

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