A Kenyan Doctor Did Brain Surgery On The Wrong Guy

Photo: Fox

Oh, and it happened at a teaching hospital? Terrific.

According to The Guardian, the place to find the world’s best neurosurgeon is not Kenya, as a doctor at that country’s largest hospital…wait for it…recently performed brain surgery on the wrong patient. As a result of the mishap, the surgeon, two nurses, an anesthetist and the hospital’s CEO have all been suspended by Kenya’s health minister.

The wrong dude getting his dome worked on is just the latest episode in an embarrassing run for the crew at the Kenyatta National Hospital, as allegations of staff sexually assaulting patients as well as baby theft have surfaced in the last few weeks.

This time around, the neurosurgeon and his staff were hours into the surgery on some poor dude before somebody realized there wasn’t a blood clot in his brain. Just what was this guy at the hospital for? You guessed it – to get “medication for a swollen head.”

In an effort to curb the fears of anybody else who’s on the schedule for an upcoming brain surgery – 0r any procedure for that matter – the hospital released a statement regarding their latest fuckup.

“The hospital deeply regrets this event and has done all it can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the patient in question. The patient is in recovery and progressing well.”

Yeah, thanks but no thanks. You’d probably be better off getting hammered and then running head first into a tree to see if that would take care of the clot instead of going to this joint.

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