Car Blows Up When Maryland Man Lights Cigarette After Douching Himself With Body Spray

Photo: fotostorm (Getty)

Most people would wait to bathe themselves in some good-smelling shit after they burn a heater, but one Maryland man recently learned that being counterproductive can have some serious consequences.

According to NBC 4, the man got into his car Thursday afternoon, douched himself with an aerosol body spray and then lit a cigarette. The “cigarette-and-spray combination” caused a “sudden and violent expansion of the air molecules” in the dude’s ride, one that was powerful enough to push the roof up, shatter the front window and blow the doors open.

Photo: Baltimore County Police Department

There are conflicting reports as to the condition of the man, as some media outlets are saying he was uninjured but sent to a hospital to check for hearing damage. However, the Baltimore County police said on social media that “the man was taken to a burn unit with serious injuries.”

One thing that is for certain is that the poor guy’s car is absolutely fucked, and we’ll wager a guess that his belief an trust in aerosol body spray has also been absolutely shattered beyond repair. Whether or not he uses this as a wakeup call to quit smoking is anybody’s guess.

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