Blowtorch Enthusiast’s Spider Extermination Goes Up In Flames

Photo: Laurence Dutton (Getty Images)

A man in Fresno, California, took home extermination to another level when he thought killing spiders would be done more efficiently with a blowtorch. Bravo to him for caring about saving the household from bug bites, but the result of his fire-intensive efforts meant there was no more household.

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The man was reportedly housesitting for his parents when he had the bright idea of taking care of their bug problem by setting the arachnids ablaze. He got them alright, but he also torched the house until there was nothing left but ashes and a new definition for getting lit.

It took 29 firefighters to take care of this moron’s attempt to rid the house of spiders. Has he not heard of bug spray? Even if he has, he would probably still use the flammable spray with a match to take out black widows because this guy apparently needed to lighten up.

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Luckily for this genius, he made it out of the blaze unharmed and no one was injured. All he has to do now is explain to his parents that he burned their house down. Sorry about the house, Mom and Dad, but hey, no more spiders!


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