Thieves Use Blowtorch To Break Into ATM And Accidentally Burn Cash

Photo: Robert-Boss (Getty)

Something tells me these idiots weren’t doing a reenactment of this scene:


Nope, they just don’t have many braincells.

Police in Washington discovered that a bunch of thieves attempted to break into an ATM by using a blowtorch to get through the exterior. The only problem is that they accidentally set all the cash on fire and ended up empty-handed.

All that remains of the thieves attempt to break into the ATM outside Coastal Community Bank is just a charred box. All from their own doing of course. Take a look at the tweet of the aftermath thanks to Everett Police.

According to John Dickson, the Chief Operations Officer of Coastal Community Bank, the suspects did not manage to successfully collect any bills from the failed heist. Nice move, idiots.

The bank will be providing surveillance video to police while detectives investigate. So not only did these dudes end up with no money, but they will now end up behind bars.

h/t UPI

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