Dude Sets His Mobile Home On Fire Trying To Kill Spiders

Photo: LaurieSH (Getty)

Hey, you can’t blame him, spiders are serious business.

A guy from Arizona actually used a propane torch to kill spiders and burn spider webs underneath his mobile home. And what do you think happened? Well, this genius actually burned his home down and now he and his mom, who he lived with, are now homeless. This is a true story.

Tucson Fire responded to a 911 call and when they arrived to the scene the mobile home was in flames, but thankfully no one was hurt as the man and his mom were able to escape, with the mom only suffering minor injuries.

Dude Sets His Mobile Home On Fire Trying To Kill Spiders

It took 23 firefighters 11 minutes to put out the fire. While the cause of the fire is still under investigation, fire officials say they believe the fire was started by the use of a propane torch to burn spiders. Incredible. Not so incredible? These two folks are now homeless, but are being helped by the Red Cross.

No word yet if those damn spiders are still alive.

h/t KVOA

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