Wisconsin Man Gets Punched By Bride After Crashing Her Wedding

Photo: digitalskillet (Getty)

Just like threesomes with your neighbors, it looks like crashing weddings is much more fun in the movies.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 25-year-old Eau Claire man learned that the hard way last weekend when he crashed a wedding and got punched by the bride after he groped several teenagers and pulled a 14-year-old girl’s hair.

Police said William Dickinson and two of his co-workers were getting sauced at the bar inside the Eau Claire Best Western when they decided to crash the wedding that was going down in the hotel’s banquet room.

Wearing just jeans and t-shirt, Dickinson made his way to the dance floor and tried to shake his shit with two 17-year-old girls as well as an 18-year-old girl. Two of those girls told police that he “rubbed and squeezed their buttocks,” and when a 14-year-old girl approached him to let him know that he was being a giant asshole, he allegedly pulled her hair, “causing her pain.”

It was a Wisconsin wedding, so naturally, a fight ensued. It was during this scuffle that Dickinson admitted to punching the bride’s dad in the face, telling police that he wanted to “ground and pound the man, but then realized that he was so old so he stopped punching him.”

Dickinson eventually made his way to the bride to apologize because he “hoped he didn’t ruin her party.” The bride was having none of it and punched him right in the face, something that police later said he “probably deserved.”

Dickinson’s pal Patrick Smith said that wedding guests were calling Dickinson a “pedophile,” and Dickinson wasn’t very happy about it. Smith also said the plan for the evening was…wait for it…getting laid.

Well, Dickinson didn’t post bail until Tuesday, so odds are he may have accomplished his goal over the weekend. It just might not have been by choice.

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