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Mom Finds Photo Of Daughter’s Lesbian Make-Out Session With Tutor

Photo: Juanmonino (Getty)

As many teacher/student hookup stories as I’ve written for you all I have to say that this story involving a teacher is actually quite different.

Camella Rodgers, an Indiana teacher at Famersville Elementary School, was supposed to be tutoring a 17-year-old girl in biology, but it became pretty clear Rodgers was doing more than that when the girl’s mother found a photo of Rodgers making out with the teen.

It seems that community members learned of the relationship between Rodgers and the teen when a photo of them kissing somehow ended up online. And that photo reached the teen’s mom.

Photo: Posey County Jail

Rodgers was also the teen’s track coach, but something tells me that won’t be the case much longer. After learning an arrest warrant had been issued for her, Rodgers turned herself into police and pleaded not guilty to child seduction. Rodgers is also accused of engaging in “various sexual acts” with the teen on multiple occasions.

And this won’t come as a shocker, but Rodgers quit her job once all this got out.

No word yet on how the teen did on her latest biology test.

h/t NY Post

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