CNBC Crew Arrested For Knowingly Bringing Fake Explosive Device Through Security

Photo: Education Images/UIG (Getty)

Hopefully their bosses let them write off their fines as work expenses.

According to WBAL, a television film crew from CNBC was arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport last Thursday after they put a fake explosive device in a carry-on bag and then began filming as it went through security to see if TSA personnel would be able to identify it.

Well sure shit, TSA officials detected the item that had “all of the makings of an improvised explosive device,” and at least seven people involved with the filming of the episode were arrested by Port Authority Police on multiple charges.

Each of the crew members who were arrested now face “possible civil penalties by TSA and can be charged over $13,000 per security violation.”

No word on what CNBC plans to air in place of their failed investigative piece, but you have to think that Jimmy Cramer over at Mad Money is licking his chops at the possibility of grabbing another time slot that will give him more opportunities to urge Americans to piss away their hard-earned cash.

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