Guy Arrested At Airport For Wearing All Of His Clothes

Photo: NBC

Everyone knows that airlines overcharge people for everything, and the luggage fee is one of the most absurd things of all. So what did Ryan Carney Williams do when he tried to board a flight from Iceland to England? He just put on all his clothes instead.

Williams reveals that he was denied a boarding pass after he wore all his clothes once he realized they wouldn’t fit in his luggage. He took it to Twitter to tell the world that he had been prevented from flying.

But according to British Airways, Williams was acting rude so they turned him away, and when he refused to leave the desk they called a security guard. Williams later tweeted that he was arrested, maced and held on the ground when he refused to leave. After giving a statement, Williams claims he was stopped from getting on a plane again the next day.


He claims he was stuck at Iceland airport with no money and his luggage already on the plane to England without him. Williams eventually arrived back home after getting a Norwegian airline flight and was allegedly refunded the price of his flights from BA and easyJet. A spokesperson for British Airways told

“We give our customers a wide range of fares to choose from to meet their needs. Our hand baggage only fares from Iceland are as low as £47 ($64) each way, and are designed for customers who are traveling without any hold baggage. We do understand that our customers’ plans can change so they can choose to pay a fee at the airport if they need an extra bag. ​ We explained our policy to our customer, and offered him an alternative flight to London.”

And this is Williams with all his clothes on:

Williams was refunded for both of his flights.

This is actually pretty hilarious and it makes sense as airlines just continue to charge folks for everything. An alternative and cheaper option would just be to canoe yourself to your destination.

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