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Massachusetts Woman Skips Mom’s Funeral In Order To Steal From Her Home

Photo: kzenon (Getty)

I’m pretty sure that’s something that sends you directly to hell.

Let’s all talk about Alyce Davenport. The 30-year-old woman actually skipped her own mother’s funeral so she could break into her house and steal a safe filled with items worth up to $90,000. But she of course didn’t do this alone as she had an accomplice named Diron Conyers.

Photo: Warren Police Department

According to police, Davenport did not attend her mother’s funeral and did not answer phone calls from her relatives. During that time, Davenport and Conyers were robbing her mother’s place, but police got word about the crime after getting a tip from the boyfriend of Davenport’s mother.

Police were able to locate Davenport and Conyers at a Sturbridge motel.

Photo: Warren Police Department

Davenport and Conyers were arraigned on a bunch of charges, including breaking into a depository, larceny over $250, larceny from a building, malicious destruction of property, stealing a will and receiving.

Davenport was held on $15,000 bail. While Conyers was held without bail; he had an active warrant in a different case. What a guy!

h/t Mass Live

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