skin motion tattoos, sound wave technology
Tinnitus, conceptual computer artwork.

Future Tech: Skin Motion Tattoos Are The ‘Wave’ Of The Future

Tinnitus, conceptual artwork. Photo: VICTOR HABBICK VISIONS (Getty).

The company Skin Motion, combined with their Sound Wave app, have created a tattoo that you can actually hear. And no, your ears (or eyes in this case) don’t deceive you.

We secretly hoped someone had created the technology to get a sweet GIF tattoo when we first heard the news, but alas, our group “Deal With It” tats will have to wait. But the ability of a piece of body art to play a meaningful audio clip at the press of a button is also awesome.

Skin Motion Tattoos Are The ‘Wave’ Of The Future

If you’re wondering how this technology works with actual human voices, Singer S.o.S. broke it down on Twitter with the helpful video below:

So far, all the examples of these tattoos have been deeply meaningful audio clips for the owner, but at some point, someone is going to get a hilarious Skin Motion tattoo of the fart that was so bad it ended their marriage. And we can’t wait! We are also excited for all the accidentally bad tattoos that will surely come of this; even awesome technology can’t save someone from a bad artist.

Still, we are excited for the future of tattoo technology. These tattoos are already cooler than the “blacklight tattoos” that came out years ago. What’s the point of getting a tattoo that no one can see? For that matter, what’s the point of getting a tattoo that nobody can hear?

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