Tech Tats are Health Monitoring “Tattoos” That You Wear On Your Skin

A new and unique technology is making its way into the wearable market, with Chaotic Moon Studios’ ‘Tech Tats’ offering users the ability to submit health information to their doctor by way of temporary tattoos used to collect biometric data.

Wearable tech has sold itself on being able to collect data regarding users’ health and fitness levels, but Chaotic Moon Studios hopes to swoop in by offering an affordable and more health-centric alternative for those who aren’t necessarily concerned by the other features offered by the likes of Fitbit. Tech Tats are stuck onto the user’s skin using electric paint, and while they can be removed, its creators seemingly intend for its users to wear them more often than not given the Tats’ other uses, namely geolocation tracking and the ability to store credit card information.

According to RT the creative technologist behind Tech Tats, Eric Schneider, claimed that the Tats would are intended to be applied “once a year to collect medical data and avoid health check ups in the clinic,” with this information then being sent to your doctor in place of you having to book an appointment. Schneider didn’t confirm how long the Tat would remain on the wearer’s skin after it had been applied.

Check out Chaotic Moon Studios’ video detailing the tech in the video below:

Tech Tats make for an undeniably interesting alternative to the traditional wearable, and although aesthetically they aren’t going to please everyone, considering the rise in popularity of both tattoos and health/fitness-focused tech and apps, there will surely be a market for a product that combines the two.

The Tech Tats featured in the above video are prototypes, and there’s no word yet on when they’ll be receiving a consumer release.