You Can Now Pump Your Own Gas In Oregon And People Are Going Bonkers

Photo: ViewApart (Getty)

I’ve lived in places where you have to pump your own gas and I’ve also lived in places where someone else does it for you. I will admit that having someone else do it for you is nice especially when it’s freezing cold. But pumping your own gas is honestly not a big deal either. Well don’t tell that to some folks in Oregon who want nothing to do with it.

Oregon recently passed a new law that allows people in some counties (mainly in rural areas) to pump their own gas. It’s a piece of legal news that shouldn’t have shaken up the media, but it’s the reactions from some people in the state that has made this piece of news gone viral. Let’s first take a look at the Facebook post below:

And now check out some of the hilarious reactions:

What’s even more hilarious is how the internet got together to roast Oregon:

Don’t worry, Oregon, you’ll get it soon enough.

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