This Guy Has To Tell Police When He’s Going To Have Sex

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Getting someone to agree to flop around naked with you is difficult enough, but now Jonathan Garner has to inform police when he wants to hang out and have a good old naked time with someone.

Under the terms of a new court order, the 24-year-old must inform local officers in Humberside he if begins a new romantic relationship that gets intimate. This part of a sentence that also saw Garner jailed for six months as well as being handed the five year Criminal Behavior Order after he was found guilty of harassment.

Garner repeatedly attacked the victim’s home and threatened her. Here’s what the court order states:

“The defendant must inform his local police station station of the details of any address at which he lives/resides for longer than 28 consecutive days. The defendant must inform his local police station of the name of any new partner within 14 days of commencing an intimate relationship.”

Garner denied the charges but this punishment was still handed out. Perhaps I don’t have my head stuck in the news long enough but this is the first I’m hearing of a criminal having to tell the cops when he’s aiming to start an intimate relationship. But the cops wouldn’t need Garner to tell them if this was Minority Report.

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