Chicago Woman Busted After Robbing Bank She Used To Work At In Pink Nightgown

Photo: Juanmonino (Getty)

Sometimes knowing too much about “dual access codes” can be your downfall.

According to the New York Daily News, a 24-year-old Chicago woman is totally dicked after getting pinched for knocking over the bank she used to work at.

Just how did authorities know it was Latasha Gamble who robbed the Chase Bank off N. Sheridan Road at gunpoint before 10 a.m. on November 9? You guessed it – the bank tellers working that day said they were “fairly certain” it was her despite her disguise of a “dark curly wig, black lipstick, black winter gloves, a tan winter coat and a patterned pink nightgown.”

Photo: FBI

Sadly, Gamble still worked for Chase bank albeit at another branch, and police arrested her later in the week when she showed up to work at that location.We’ll go out on a limb and they that that working relationship has come to an end.

Police said Gamble initially denied having anything to with robbing the bank of nearly $126,000, saying that she was instead with a relative and then later at the dentist. But it appears as though the Chicago Police Department can really apply pressure to the taint, as Gamble quickly changed her tune and admitted it was her.

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