New Zealand Police Pull Over Driver For Playing ‘Air Bagpipes’

Photo: mauinow1 (Getty)

Everybody knows that if you don’t wear your seatbelt while you’re behind the wheel of a car, you’re going to get a ticket. If you send a text to your boo while you’re driving, you’re going to get a ticket. And everybody knows that if you play air bagpipes while you’re going to get pulled over.

Wait, what?

According to BBC News, a driver in New Zealand recently learned that the hard way, as police pulled him over for playing an “air guitar version of the bagpipes.” Acting Sergeant Bryce Johnson pulled him over because it appeared as though the driver’s hands were on something other than the steering wheel.

“His fingers were going a million miles an hour,” Johnson said. “And I’m certain I could see a black-type instrument, which looked like a clarinet.”

But a further search of the vehicle yielded no instruments, so the driver was let off with just a warning, and Johnson used the story to remind all drivers to “keep both hands on the wheel at all times.”

Sure, it was only a warning, but that’s still pretty tough. I mean, God only knows what they would have done to this guy:

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