Alberta Police Find Five Naked People In Car After Crash

Photo: AntonioGuillem (Getty)

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: Mobile orgies never end up well.

According to CTV News, it’s unknown if Dirty Mike and the Boys were having themselves another one of those “soup kitchens” when two cars collided near the industrial park in Nisku, Alberta early Monday morning, but Alberta mounties are trying their damnedest to figure out why five of the people in one of the cars were buck naked when they arrived.

Alberta Police Find Five Naked People In Car After Crash

All five of the naked people were arrested, but four of them needed medical attention at a nearby hospital first. Police are still trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash, but it’s unknown if they can issue a citation if one of those drugs turns out to be Cialis. I mean, given the fact that the temperature at the time of the crash was -8 Celsius, you have to think that some kind of male enhancement would have been necessary to get anything going.

The investigation is still in its “early stages,” so it’s unknown if any of the bodily fluid or hair samples will piece this puzzle together once and for all once the results come back. We’re also pretty sure, although it can’t be confirmed, that there was no note left behind by Dirty Mike and Boys that read, “Thanks for the f-shack.”

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