Ex-Teacher Caught Hooking Up With Friend’s Teen Son

Photo: joebelanger (Getty)

So much for being friends.

Christine M. Taylor, a former language arts and social studies teacher at Jefferson Junior High School, was only given probation after she was caught hooking up with a 16-year-old boy.

It all kicked off way back on New Year’s Day in 2016, when Taylor decided to invite her friend and her friend’s son to her home. After having pizza, Taylor brought the teen to her bedroom where she performed a ‘sex act.’ No word what that sex act was, so we’re just going to assume it was oral sex. Well that didn’t last long because the teen’s mom walked in and actually caught Taylor in the act and called police.

Photo: DuPage County Sheriff’s Office

Taylor pleaded guilty to felony obstruction of justice and endangering the health or safety of a child in exchange for having three sexual abuse charges dropped, according to the Chicago Tribune. So Taylor ended up getting two years of probation, and she will need to undergo sex offender counseling.

In other words, Taylor got off super easy.

h/t NY Post

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