Some Idiot At SIU Carbondale Is Pooping Inside Dorm Washing Machines

Photo: KasiaJanus (Getty)

Washing your laundry at $1.50 a pop in your college dormitory is expensive because you’re in school and have no money. It becomes even more of a pain in the ass and wallet when you have to wash them again because somebody took a shit in the washing machine while you left it unattended.

According to KSDK, that is the hell that students at Southern Illinois University Carbondale are living through right now, as the “bowel movement bandit” has yet to be caught and punished for pooping.

Some Idiot At SIU Carbondale Is Pooping Inside Dorm Washing Machines

Since September, the serial pooper has dropped a load in eight different loads of laundry in Abbott Hall, all belonging to different students. Campus officials have talked to students, but they have zero leads as to who is behind the dirty deeds.

“We heard about the pooper two weeks ago, two or three weeks ago,” sophomore Khiyah Ransom said, adding that she “found out about the fecal fiend through a group chat that mentioned a student living on the second floor found excrement on her clothing in the washing machine.”

“Now I’m, like, terrified to wash in Abbott,” Ransom added. “I was really upset about it, but I was like, I’m just wondering who’s doing this pooping.”

Let’s, like, hope that, like, they, like, find this asshole, like soon so that, like, life can get back to normal at, like, SIU Carbondale.

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