This Creepy-Looking Bug Is Freaking The Internet Out

Screenshot: Facebook/Gandik

Australia needs to chill the hell out. Like, right now.

Remember “The Mist”? That book by Stephen King about a bunch of weird creatures that come from another dimension? That wasn’t another dimension, that was just Australia. And now another bug is creeping everyone out, but this thing is orange, it has tentacles and it looks like a moth hooked up with a spider.

Let;s first check out this alien-looking thing that has been viewed over 30 million times on Facebook.

But what the hell is this? Well according to News.Au it is known as Creatonotos gangis moth, a “species of Arctiine moth found in southeast Asia and Australia,” of course. Some facts on this gross thing: they have a wingspan of about four centimeters, and the males have four eversible coremata at the tip of the abdomen which emit pheromone.

Now I know don’t what any of that means, all I know is that I would move out if I ever saw that in my place.

And I think we’ll wrap this up with this Facebook comment:

We all agree with you, Kathi.

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