Australian Couple Trapped Indoors By Massive Huntsman Spider

Photo: Facebook/Lauren Ansell

I’ve never been to Australia, but all these stories of creepy crawlers are just making me believe that it’s like The Mist over there.

Lauren Ansell from Queensland was cooking with her partner when they suddenly realized that they might have to stay indoors for a little bit. And why’s that? Well because they noticed that a huge Huntsman spider was chilling on their glass door.

And we aren’t joking about how massive this spider is. Just take a look at it below thanks to Lauren’s Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Lauren Ansell

Holy hell.

The spider, nicknamed Aragog by Lauren, appeared harmless, but according to Lauren it was not very happy when they tried to remove it off the glass door.

“My partner was on the outside trying to cook our food. We didn’t want to kill it, but it didn’t like us for trying to move it along,” Lauren told Daily Mail Australia.

Photo: Facebook/Lauren Ansell

“It’s still alive and happy. I nicknamed it Aragog,” Lauren adds

Lauren adds that they have not seen the spider since, but let’s be honest, who in the hell wants to ever see that thing again? In other news, how has Australia not been taken over by spiders and it’s residents made into spider servants yet?

h/t Daily Mail

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