Here’s An Australian Hornet And Huntsman Spider Duking It Out

Photo: Auscape/UIG (Getty)

Mother Nature is being quite the bitch in the Northeast this week, with blizzard conditions wreaking havoc in cities like Boston and Providence and sub-zero temperatures on deck for the weekend.

Still, I’d rather be bundled up in four or five layers of North Face gear and waiting 15 minutes for my Hyundai Santa Fe to warm up instead of walking outside to see an Australian hornet and huntsman spider going toe-to-toe like they’re Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather or some shit like this dude recently did in Perth, Australia.

Good lord, that Australian hornet is huge. In some parts of the world, that thing would qualify as a bird, and odds are it’s deadlier than the majority of birds of prey on the planet.

Impressive effort from both the hornet and the cameraman. I mean, odds are if it would have been me who stepped outside to see these two things duking it out, I would have beelined it back into the house, into my closet for a few belongings and then to the nearest airport to get the hell out of Australia.

h/t Barstool Sports

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