Christmas Comes Early For Orlando Couple When They Order Amazon Storage Bins Loaded With Weed

Photo: Fox

If this is one of the perks of being an Amazon Prime member, sign me the hell up.

According to WTOC, an Orlando woman and her fiancé recently received an unexpected early wedding gift when the storage bins they ordered from Amazon arrived at their house with…wait for it…65 pounds of marijuana inside.

They then dicked it up by immediately calling the Orlando Police Department and handing it over.

Just why would somebody do such a thing? Well, it appears as though the woman and her future husband were fearful that somebody was going to break into their house looking for the massive stash of pot, enough so that they spent the next few nights sleeping somewhere else.

The woman said that she has gone back and forth with Amazon, but they have showed “no concern for a customer’s safety.” She did, however, receive a $150 gift card and a note that read, “I am unable to do anything else at this time.” Amazon said that they have worked directly with not only the woman but also law enforcement officials to determine just how and when so much pot got placed in the storage bin shipment that originated in Massachusetts.

It’s a weird story for sure, but I still think the craziest part is that nobody at Amazon ever received a thank you note.

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