Twitter Gets Saucy Regarding Grotesque-Looking Pizza Being Served At Trump Tower

Photo: Daniel Ungureanu / EyeEm (Getty).

It’s hard to screw up pizza, and it’s probably because there is so very little to it. So long as it has tomato sauce, cheese and dough, you’ve got yourself a pie. By that logic, any old pizza off the street should at least be serviceable with the right amount of TLC. Then again, on paper, anything sounds easy.

Twitter Responds To Grotesque-Looking Pizza Served At Trump Tower

By now, it’s no secret that President Donald Trump has a less than refined palate. By that, we simply mean that Domino’s, McDonald’s, KFC, and well done steak with ketchup slathered all over it are among his favorite eats. So we, along with White House reporter for POLITICO Annie Karni, were a little shocked to see that the pies being served at Trump Tower looks less appetizing than Pizza Hut.

That’s about as appetizing to look at as the pizza kits they sell at Ralph’s/Kroger. And we’re talking before you take them out of the bag. But hey, at least they are only selling them for $11.50 a pop. That’s a steal!…for them.

Of course, at times like this, Twitter is always there to back us up. Take it away (the pizza, we mean; it’s making us sick):

h/t Mirror Online

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